Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Facts About Drunk Driving

As a licensed driver in Georgia, you’re well-aware of the fact that you can be arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. But how much do you actually know about drunk driving? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “Every day, almost 29 people in the United States die in alcohol-impaired vehicle crashes – that’s one person every 50 minutes in 2016.” The NHTSA continues, “Alcohol is a substance that reduces the function of the brain, impairing thinking, reasoning and muscle coordination. All these abilities are essential to operating a vehicle safely."

In Georgia, the offense of drunk driving is covered under O.C.G.A. 40-6-391. Under Section 40-6-391(a), it says, “A person shall not drive or be in actual physical control of any moving vehicle” while they are under the influence of alcohol to the extent that it makes him or her less safe to drive. It’s also illegal to drive under the influence of any drug, glue, aerosol, or other toxic vapor to the extent it’s made it less safe for the person to drive.

Now that you have a basic understanding of DUI, let’s take a look at some drunk facts that the average person is not aware of:

  • A DUI can be a misdemeanor or a felony, but most DUIs are misdemeanors.
  • A person can be charged with DUI even if they had little to drink. Their blood alcohol content (BAC) can be less than the .08% legal limit and they can still be charged.
  • Many medications are very dangerous if mixed with alcohol and actually intensify the effects of alcohol.
  • Coffee, energy drinks and a cold shower do not sober a person up, only time does.
  • If a drunk driver is in an accident, they can face criminal charges and a civil lawsuit (personal injury claim) filed by the victims.
  • A felony DUI can trigger removal proceedings for Green Card holders.
  • A DUI typically leads to a driver license suspension for the accused.
  • A DUI can lead to loss of employment, the denial of scholarships, and the denial or cancellation of a professional license.
  • A DUI leads to a permanent criminal record.
  • Stress can lead to alcohol abuse, which can lead to addiction.
  • Alcohol abuse is linked to violence, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).
  • Impairment starts after the first sip, so it’s important to never drink and drive!

Hit By a Drunk Driver?

Has your life been turned upside-down because of a drunk driving crash? Even if the drunk or drugged driver is facing criminal charges, you can still file a personal injury claim. To learn more, contact our firm to meet with a Kennesaw personal injury lawyer for free!

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

PRESS RELEASE – Child-Sex-Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Amarillo Neurosurgeon Dr. Jeffrey D. Cone

AMARILLO, Texas—Attorney Kevin Glasheen and the personal injury law firm of Glasheen, Valles & Inderman, LLP filed a lawsuit Tuesday morning in Potter County District Court on behalf of a minor child after the he was sexually abused by Dr. Jeffrey D. Cone, a neurosurgeon who owns and operates the Neurological Surgery clinic in Amarillo,... Read More

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Kids, the Worst Distraction Behind the Wheel?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the dangers of distracted driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “Distracted driving is dangerous, claiming 3,477 lives in 2015 alone.” So, what counts as distracted driving?

“Distracted driving is any activity that diverts attention from driving, including talking or texting on your phone, eating and drinking, talking to people in your vehicle, fiddling with the stereo, entertainment or navigation system – anything that takes your attention away from the task of safe driving,” according to the NHTSA.

If you’re a parent, or if you’re a babysitter who drives children around, we want to discuss the issue of children being a serious driving distraction. According to an article published by ABC News, “one of the worst distractions might be something parents do every day: driving with kids in the backseat of the car.

Study Finds Kids 12 Times More Distracting

“In a first-of-its-kind study, Australian researchers found that children are 12 times more distracting to the driver than talking on a cell phone while at the wheel,” reported ABC. The study found that on average, parents take their eyes off the road for nearly three-and-a-half minutes during a trip that lasts 16 minutes.

Common kid-related distractions faced by parents:

  • Crying babies
  • Screaming toddlers
  • Children who are fighting
  • Children asking for snacks
  • Children spilling drinks in the vehicle
  • Children dropping toys and asking for them
  • Children throwing objects into the front seat
  • Teenagers who are rowdy in the backseat

If you have found driving with children to be stressful, you are not alone. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid driving with children, though we can minimize trips as much as possible by asking our spouse, friends or family members to watch our children while running errands. Of course, for some parents, this just isn’t an option.

To enhance safety while driving with children you can:

  • Schedule trips during naptime so your child sleeps.
  • Don’t let small children eat solids while you drive as this increases the chance of choking while you’re on the road.
  • Make a rule that you do not pick up dropped items while behind the wheel.
  • Feed your children before you leave the house.
  • If you have children in diapers, make sure they’re changed and dry before heading out the door.
  • Consider investing in a portable DVD player or outfitting your vehicle with one.
  • Never ever text while driving, especially when your kids are in the car.

We hope this information helps you enjoy safer road trips. If you were involved in a car accident in Kennesaw, contact Jones & Swanson for a free case evaluation.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sleighbells on the Square - Saturday, December 9

The Marietta and Cobb County areas are looking more and more festive as we enter the holiday season. With Thanksgiving behind us, the next exciting event on the calendar for the Jones & Swanson staff is the Annual Sleighbells on the Square 5K/1K Tot Trot. This is the 17th Annual Sleighbells event and is scheduled for Saturday, December 9th on the Marietta Square.

While Sleighbells is a Peachtree Qualifying race and is USATF certified, it’s not meant only for serious racers. Anyone can attend and walk or run the race along with so many others in festive Christmas spirits.

Sleighbells on the Square 2017

We look forward to this event each year and are sponsoring, along with others from the community and the Cobb County Bar Association. The race raises funds for the Children’s Emergency Fund – an organization that works with the Cobb County and Marietta City School Districts in assisting students and their families with emergency financial needs. The Children’s Emergency Fund has played an integral part in the lives of countless children and their families, and it is a program that Jones & Swanson actively and proudly supports.

As always, the course begins and ends in historic Marietta Square – rain or shine. Participants will travel through Marietta neighborhoods before returning to the square for the award ceremony. All participants receive a long sleeve moisture wicking shirt and jingle bells on shoes are encouraged!

For more details about the event, please visit www.active.com. Registration, schedule of events, parking information, and packet pickup can all be found on the website.

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Turkey Frying Safety

The holidays are notorious for sparking an increase in injuries, leaving many people struggling to handle the financial, emotional, and physical consequences of these unexpected accidents. While they are meant to be a joyous time, holidays such as Thanksgiving do unfortunately see an increase in these incidents. Many people have adopted the tradition of deep frying their turkey for Thanksgiving, as it is generally far faster than using an oven. However, by using a fryer of this size, you are risking quite a lot--though we do not recommend against using a deep-fryer for your turkey, we suggest you are careful to ensure you have a safe Thanksgiving.

Consider the following safety tips for deep frying your turkey:

  • Always deep fry outside and away from anything flammable, such as a wooden deck, plants, etc. Keep the fryer in a place with good ventilation.
  • Make sure everyone is aware of where the fryer is in order to avoid knocking it over.
  • Properly thaw the turkey, as the moisture could risk an explosion.
  • Follow any and all instructions specific to your fryer.
  • Protect your skin and eyes from oil splatters.
  • Keep an eye on the fryer’s temperature.

Contact Our Marietta Personal Injury Attorneys Today

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident this Thanksgiving season, look no further for a trusted Marietta personal injury lawyer than ours at Jones & Swanson. We understand no one plans to be injured during this happy time, which is why our legal team wants to take the reins on your behalf. We will ensure we do everything in our power to deliver you the most positive and successful results possible for the compensation you deserve.

Don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our firm by calling (770) 884-6652.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What to Do After a Hit and Run Incident

Hit-and-run accidents have been a growing problem in recent years. If a driver strikes another vehicle (occupied or not) and leaves the scene without alerting authorities or exchanging information with the other driver, it is considered a hit-and-run. The reasons for a hit and run incident can vary – not wanting to file an insurance claim, being uninsured or unlicensed, illegal substances or devices in the vehicle, or even the at-fault party attempting to hide from law enforcement for some reason.

Regardless of the reason, Georgia state law requires drivers who are involved in an accident to stop. There can be serious consequences if someone chooses to leave the scene of an accident; especially when another driver is involved. Being involved in an accident can be a scary experience, but below are some tips that might help if you’re involved in a hit-and-run situation. The more details you can give to authorities, the better the chances of finding the other driving and holding them accountable.

  • Try to stay calm and park your car in a safe spot.
  • Immediately call 911 and request police to the scene.
  • Seek medical attention right away if necessary.
  • Write down as many details as possible – even if you think you can remember them it’s better to have them documented. Important details may include things like the date, time and conditions of the accident; as well as the color, make, model and license plate numbers of the other vehicle and a physical description of the driver if you saw them.
  • Attempt to locate witnesses and get their contact information. Witnesses can be crucial in hit-and-run cases.
  • Take photos of scene of the accident and your vehicle.
  • Only discuss details of the scene with law enforcement.

Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with in these types of situations. You should report the accident to your own insurance company as soon as possible, but do not make or sign any formal statements. For more information about what to do following an accident, call Jones & Swanson today at 770-427-5498. Even if there were no injuries involved, we’re happy to provide expertise and help in any way we can.

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